I am an Italian photographer, I live in the mountains of Trentino and I approached in the world of photography by chance. As a child I used to play with an old camera found who knows where, the object fascinated me and from that moment photography has never left me. I have experimented with various photographic approaches and I have chosen to dedicate myself to travel photography. My work is inspired by the flowing of time and the desire to preserve the memories of those places and peoples that will soon give way to modernity. With my work I would like to tell stories of unknown people, physically remote but humanly close, creating empathy between the viewer and the subject, enhancing their elegance and authenticity. Today I especially like photography that tells but also lets you imagine, that moves and suggests reflections. A narrative photography.

Iceland 2020

Yamal 2021 - furry hut and -51° C

I seek the beauty of the world through the diversity of peoples. A great photo always hides a great story, which is why I like to approach each shot with a story to convey emotion to the observer.